Homosexuals Are Ruining My Life

Conduit Gallery, 2012
Dallas, Texas
Photo Credit:  Cassandra Emswiler Burd

This exhibition was conceived during the contentious debate over whether GLBTQ people in America, should have the right to marry. At that critical juncture many moralistic arguments—themselves damaging to the selfhood of queer communities—were frequently and publicly aired. Equal parts homage and mockery, this installation engages the topic of domestic comfortability and the effort of individuals in those romantic relationships to create a life together by “nesting”. “Homosexuals are Ruining My Life” considers interior design as a ritualistic magical rite. By surrounding ourselves with material goods that confirm and support our life choices, politics and aesthetics, our expectation is that we can create the lives we desire and deserve. The failure of consumerism to effectively manifest certainty and safety is an awkward and unacknowledged aspect of capitalist culture.

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